Get Cheap ADSL With Afrihost

Afrihost is a South African bast Internet service provider, that not only offers cheap and reliable services but, quite frankly LOVES giving away free stuff! For the past few months I have received a free GB added to my cap.

I have been using Afrihost’s services for over a year now, and I have only received the best service possible.

Sign up today and get reliable internet for as little as R19 per GB for a 10GB account, amongst other fabulous offers.

Sign-up using these links to receive 50% off your first month’s bill.


Capped ADSL


Monthly Fee

Sign Up

1GB – 5GB
R29 pm – R145 pm Click Here
R190 pm
Click Here
50 – 100GB R475 – R950 pm Click Here


Uncapped ADSL


Monthly Fee

Sign Up

up to 384 kps
R197 pm Click Here
up to 512 kps
R297 pm Click Here
up to 4096 kps
R497 pm Click Here
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